Good and God’s morning ……… the timelessness before sunrise is always mesmerizing and to look into infinite sky as sun is emerging and life gets a new dimension to say  ” Happy Earth Day ” 

It is first day of year 2016 and lot of kind wishes flowing from family and friends , 

Wish everyone  and all ” Happy New Year “

what exactly is new in life …… is it different from the day we lived yesterday ?

Yes , in my view every thing is new when we live in present like a child ,

New is a way of life , it is a art of seeing nature as art ….. to see timeless in time , to feel like a bird in the sky , to listen wind as music , to feel sun rays as warmness of divine , to have a gratitude  shower bath and feel the touch of water drops as bliss rain , to have the fragrance of nature on our mother earth and to make happiness of every moment as prayer and thanks to God .

Year starts with capital Y , Y is yes to life , Y to feel young in heart , Y stands for yearning to know purpose of life .

Year has a ear , ear is to listen , and be aware of time and timeless music .

1 Jan 2016

love this painting as sun rays lights Krishna and Radha , symbol of body and soul , playing a common flute of time to be one , in union with divine, to know divine , the true purpose of life and live that true purpose every moment of life is HAPPY NEW YEAR …… everyday ….. day after day ….. now and now.


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