Love of no dimension

ram H singhal Happiness notes

garland of dance = 6 image credits : Astronomy picture of the day

I am beyond every known  and unknown dimensions
within love of no dimension .
ram0ram note ;  
Science says ……..God is no where.
Spirituality says …………..God is now here .
when I mirrors I ,
alone becomes all one ,
that is the love of no dimension .
love all.

(c) ram0ram

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(The Tarantula Nebula is a forbidding object. It’s well over 600 light years across, has millions of times the Sun’s mass worth of gas jammed into it, and is forming stars so furiously that astronomers think it may actually be creating a globular cluster, a spherical ball of hundreds of thousands of stars. You may have heard of the Orion Nebula, one of the largest and brightest of all nebulae in the…

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