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Zero is the energy balance of cosmos.so is of atom

Lord Vishnu ( universal consciousness ) floating on water which has a zero calorie.

Indian mythology is a visual language of understanding like Apple for A.

truth is a common law governs whole to hole.

In atom necleus there are two particle ….. that is neutron with neutral charge …….proton with positive charge ….. water being zero has same properties as God ….. with heat becomes vapour which is invisible and spreads in all the four directions …….. this is depicted in above picture as lord Brahamna represents our creation …… feet of the human are symbolic of our soul which is feminine in nature and timeless and till soul is there , human is alive and has a warmness in body.)

water with cold becomes Ice and this is represented in Indain Mythology as lord Shiva on mount Kailash …… symbol of destruction . birth is Brahaman , death is Shiva in between life dances with balance between positive and negative …….. wisdom is to be in zero state with lord Vishnu floting on bliss ….. that many refer as enlightenment …… love all and be happy every breath to breath …… true wealth of life

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