Strings of memories = U Srinivas

Flow of Silence

Memorable Music Moments of Mandolin U Srinivas

THE MANDOLIN AND THE MAESTRO U. Srinivas Photo: R. Ravindran

U. Shrinivas, ( 1969 –  19 Sept 2014 ) who was as amiable as his mandolin, took the western instrument to the highest musical peak in the east.

He was a child prodigy who remained childlike with a candid smile and words that seem to come straight from the heart.

At age six, he first picked up the western mandolin and soon made it his own by bringing to its electric strings an unheard of melodic flexibility, microtonal variations and astonishing delicacy in the upper registers. He constructed a nuanced, multi-layered repertoire, whether it was for a Carnatic cutcheri or a cross-genre ensemble. Over the years, without venturing into compulsive experimentation, he kept broadening the dimensions of his music.

As a young boy, when he performed in sabhas, senior musicians initially apprehensive of accompanying him and sceptical of his ‘much-talked’ about talent, later…

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