Our Childhood friend God

The world comes to life

And everything’s bright

From beginning to end

When you have a friend

By your side

That helps you to find

The beauty you are

When you open your heart

And believe in

The gift of a friend

Good and God’s morning ……

listening the song ” the gift of a friend ” on friendship day ……..  

with greeting and gratitude to all my friends ……

also thank  God for  being my childhood friend …..

memory is result of time but as a child from birth till 3 years …….

every child lives with timelessness happiness so no memory …..

we do not remember the time but we know this taste of timeless happiness

which in India God is defined by SAT CHIT ANAND  or timeless happiness 

and we all search this timeless happiness only  in all of our races  of life ……

the moment one tastes it …. one will announce that I am enlightened ….. the true value of LIfe ….. that is SUDAMA 

Love this mythological story of two childhood friends which carry so much wisdom ……..

Lord Krishna and Sudama

Sudama and Krishna were childhood friends study together with Guru and after education …..
 Years passed and Krishna became king of Dwarka but Sudama remained a poor man. Tired of their pitiable state, one day his wife advised him go seek  Krishna’s help.

 When his wife insisted, Sudama agreed to go,
but realised that going empty-handed to meet a friend after so long would look odd.
So he carried with him a handful of puffed rice as a gift.
Krishna greeted Sudama warmly when he arrived at the palace.
Seeing the splendour of Dwarka, Sudama felt awed. Krishna’s hospitality humbled him,
was now feeling embarrassed to take out his simple gift  handful of puffed rice to a king.
Krishna  happily accepted the gift as if it was the most precious thing.When Sudama reached home the next day, he saw a huge mansion instead of his hut

and his family wearing new clothes. .
At once he knew that god had showered his blessings on him.
Lord says ……. I am beyond every known and unknown dimension
but within love of no dimension …….
In India rice is a symbol of love …….
SUDAMA  meaning is our true value …….
which one only realize after going to lord with out ego of knowledge but just with love ……
with pure heart  one name is enough …..
like good morning LORD …. more than enough is Good night Lord .
Demi Lovato
I pray every night before I go to sleep
every morning when I wake up.
Demi Lovato

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