Born to die

Good and God’s morning ……. “Born To Die” 

this beautiful song in beautiful voice of great artist Donna Summer …… there are several good numbers but always listen one I liked the most in my college years ……

who ever is born will die …… death is a eternal truth …… and a great teacher ….. 

for Buddha ….. after confronting basic stages of life

 Siddhartha  thus led a princely life for 29 years in Kapilavastu.

One day he decided to go and meet his subjects.

There for the first time in his life he saw an old man.

When Channa his charioteer told him “He is an old man.

All of us will one day get old and die.

Your father, mother, me, your wife everyone will become old one day.”

Then he saw a diseased man, a decaying corpse and an ascetic.

Depressed by these sights he decided to overcome

death, illness and old age by becoming an ascetic …

After nearly starving himself to death but finding no enlightenment,

Siddhartha found the Middle Way.

He sat under the Bodhi (Pipal) tree in Bodh Gaya


decided not to get up until he found enlightenment.

He is said to have attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree

on the first full moon in the month of May.

That day is celebrated as Buddha Poornima


transforming Siddhartha as BUDDHA ….. the awakened one 

For young boy  Nachiketa …… dialouge with death God ….YAMA 

YAMA told Nachiketa, ” Dear child, I have offended you by keeping you waiting

for three days.

To wash my sin I request you to ask for three boons.”

Nachiketa declared, “My first wish is ……

when I return home may my father welcome me lovingly.

My second wish is …….

 to grant me the knowledge by which I can be worthy of living in the heavens.

My third and last wish is …..

to grant me Atmagnam -knowledge of the atma ( Soul ) .

” Yama granted the first two boons immediately


tried to convince Nachiketa to give up his third wish.

He offered him gold, pearls, coins, horses elephants


even the happiness of Swarg -heaven instead.

“No, I do not wish for anything else,” replied Nachiketa firmly.

Finally, Yama granted him the third boon too,


Nachiketa was enlighnered with the knowledge of the atma ( Soul ) .

Nachiketa inspires us to be kind to all creatures,

to respect one’s parents,

to be strong willed to do something one has decided,

even in the face of difficulties and obstacles


to seek for eternal happiness.

death makes us understand the value of life ……

and to understand our true identity which is beyond birth and death …..

beyond creation and destruction …… beyond time and timeless …..

beyond light and darkness …..

beyond known and unknown dimension but within love of no dimension ……

love of no dimension is God…… we may refer as OM , ALLAH, or name of our choice .

My life was changed in one breath from God.
Donna Summer

(Donna Summer has passed at the age of 63. She’ll forever be known as the Queen of Disco, )

Click on the picture above to listen ….. “Born To Die” 

love all.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

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