I feel lucky today


Good and God’s morning ……. I feel lucky today ….. listening this song in wonderful voice of Mary Chapin Carpenter ……. like this song and in lyrics there are some beautiful compositions …….

“It only took a minute for my finger to find
My daily dose of destiny, under my sign “

I feel lucky, brrrrr, I feel lucky, yeah
Think I’ll flip a coin, I’m a winner either way
Mmmmmm, I feel lucky today

In life every human is curious about future  

so every news paper and life style magzines has a section for this ……

so predicting future is an astrological science as well as a profession

to give hope for better things in life …….

to my surprise all important events happened without any body predicting ……

so daily dose of destiny is …….  I feel lucky today .


 Life is a line of time vibrating

and to walk on time is like a coin standing on thin edge ……

standing on this thin edge is winner either way …….

be a winner everyday ……. love all

I think that every new record is a chance to…

I think what it is for me is ….my heart and soul at that moment in time…

I’ve always felt that just being able to make a record is a privilege.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

 American singer, songwriter and musician. 

Click on the cup’s picture to listen …. I feel lucky today


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