Love is all

 Good and God’s morning ……

today is 25 July 2014 ……

25 reminds me alphabet Y which is 25 in English alphabets …….

Y stands for…… YEARNING ,  

Yearning is first step of learning ……

learning is first step of earning ……..

earning money for physical comforts ……

earning knowledge for mental peace ……

and earning wisdom for spiritual bliss …… 

for thousands of years the very first yearning is …….. WHO AM I ? 

Many many enlightened masters after their earning ……. shared their experience 

Jesus …… as son of God

Muhammad ….. as messenger of ALLAH ,

spirituality is an individual journey  unlike science which is a collective journey …..  

where we all have our unique path……

unique experiences of one of the dimensions of cosmic consciousness we refer as God


In Hinduism there are 1000 names of lord Vishnu……

and 1000  signifies  infinite also  


which ever dimension we come to know all leads to the center

and in center ……


Listening to Yanni and concert at Taj Mahal in 1997 in India 

song is ” Love is all “

Standing strong
Watching over
Love will keep me believing
through the dark, can you hear me calling
Holding on when I’m dreaming
Love is all, Love is all
Thundering on high
Love was all I knew before I fell

I don’t like to define my music.

To me, music is pure emotion.

It’s language that can communicate certain emotions


the rhythms cuts across genders, cultures and nationalities.

All you need to do is close your eyes


feel those emotions.

( click on the picture of Taj Mahal to listen …… LOVE IS ALL )
(c) ram0ram 
freedom to right copy and share

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