mile a life with smile

Good and God’s morning …….

today is 23 July 2014 ….. W is 23 rd alphabet of English ….

so will listen a song from an artist name starting with W ……

call one or two friends with names starting with W …..

view a Hindi Indian Song from a film starting with W ……..

time management is a science to utilise the time


the maximum learning ……


earning timeless and eternal happiness …..

When you’re feeling lonesome, when you’re feeling down and blue

Remember that I’m right here baby, always loving you

And no matter what highway I’m on, no matter where I go

You’ll always be with me deep down in my heart and in my soul

Yeah you’ll always be with me, deep down in my heart and in my soul

listening Wade Bowen …… an American Texas Country Singer  


the  above song is …….. ” In My Soul”

Highway are our friends …..

they make us travel distances between two points …..


that distance we measure as Mile ……

a Good highway has good foundation …..

a good highway is open to all kinds of vehicle


also for all colors of vehicle ….


also for all destinations.

this applies to our life also ……

wisdom is to be a good highway for every human


they travel with us with a smile …..

Smile = Sensitive mile 

Mile is distance on road ……. smile is nearness with God .

distance has no meaning …… meaning is how we cover it


mile a life with smile .

love all.

( Click on the picture of Highway above to listen Wade Bowen ….

and song is ” In My Soul”  )

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share