ultimate destiny

my grand daughter just 9 yrs

but an enlightened little child  ,

as such all children are enlightened  only but they do not know why ?

will pray her garments before wearing

so one day I ask her why?

she replies for communication with every atom  to feel wonderful .

what is a difference between enlightened child and enlightened master ? …..

child is in absolute happiness ….. but not aware of source 

master is in absolute happiness …… but aware of source …..



gratitude is the best form of prayer


prayer is communication with atom to at OM ……

make every breath prayer…every work prayer…..

eternity is dancing on eternity like football,

eternal space inside and outside in between the leather …. the body ,

the gift of parents to us


they are our first god…


body is your guru and guide…

so show gratitude every morning and evening to it ,

means keep it beautiful ,

wear perfume of happiness, ….

go to mirror and just say

you are most wonderful and beautiful person on earth

which you are in the eyes of god

nothing more or less than anybody.

folding hands  in prayer one become…..

mirror to god

that is your ultimate destiny.

love all

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share