drink now = enlightenment

Creative Enlightenment


Gautama gave up his extreme life

and began to eat normally again after 6 years of countless spiritual practices .

His five followers now left him, disgusted that he had, in their opinion, been defeated.

All alone now,

he decided to tackle the quest once again,

and he sat himself under a Bodhi tree ( पीपल )  at a place called Bodh Gaya.

and determined not to move until he had found the answers he sought.

His meditation was deep, and, on the night of the full moon in May,

complete Enlightenment came to him.

His mind became calm and clear

and he understood the cycle of birth, death and the wheel of life.

He understood his true nature and that of all living beings.

This was the end and the beginning  of his spiritual journey,

and at that moment he became

“the Buddha”

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Buddhist legend tells that Gautama…

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