relax and taste God

Mind of Zero


We humans have
the wisdom of genuinely resting
and relaxing.

We worry too much.

We don’t allow our bodies to heal,
we don’t allow our minds
hearts to heal.

Thich Nhat Hanh


ram0ram footnote 

In India relaxation is known In Indian language Hindi as आराम  ( Aaram )

which means in English as relaxation or comfort or ease …….

but  आ  means come  and राम ( Ram )  is one of the name given to God …….

so आराम  ( Aaram ) means coming of God …….

image[33] (1)

In our sleep we always go through different brain waves

but in deep sleep  in stage 4 we are always with divine

and that is absolute happiness


आराम  ( Aaram )  is the taste of God …… the eternal happiness ……

and we all know this taste and this is the taste we all are searching in our life 

so relax and…

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