2 thoughts on “Tennis : love game of God : spiritual quote 22

  1. dear and diviine Amanda …… Mandala or chakra are gears of life …… to start the journey we start with basic or Root chakra ….. that is source of all energy …… it is a ignition key ….. in a car there are several gears for the different condition and traffic on road ….. but there is a neutral gear ….. in neutral gear there is no movement ….. neutral gear is for driver ….. other gears are required as per natural conditions outside
    so as per Lord Krishna in Gita …… know in action the non action and in non action the action ….. it is like writing this post I have geared my body faculties but I am totally neutral and peaceful inside ….. so be a witness to life ….. let the race of life outside and grace of God inside …… love all……. I am thanked most when I am thanked not …. ram is a His Master’s Voice …. glad that you listen …. listening is essence of life …. whole cosmos vibrates with the music of divine ….. as silence increase so is the bliss from this music ……. feel the cup of nectar of this bliss ….. with greetings and gratitude ….. love all. ….


  2. My dear Baba,
    I cannot stop reading your wisdom …. It is so beautiful it almost brings me to tears ….
    love = zero
    zero = love
    Atom = at OM
    natural and neutral

    ahh!!!the truth it sings…..
    we search through the dark rooms looking for the switch….little Sai Baba turned on my switch a year or so ago, life has never been the same since, but it is not always easy to keep my switch on and on and on …. so thank you Ram…I stand knee deep in water….water I just poured out of my cup….so my cup might be empty enough…for OM to fill it up!!! love you baba


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