O range

good and God’s morning  ……….  

Orange is a wonderful fruit …….   The white pulpy part of the orange is the primary source of its flavonoids. The juicy orange-colored sections of the orange contain most of its  vitamin C. In the body, flavonoids and vitamin C often work together, and support health through their interaction. so best way to benefit from orange is to peel it and eat …… not the juice 

peeling the skin of the orange leaves a fragrance and eating wedge by wedge is a healthy but also a taste of divine …… 

O or zero is the nature of divine …….. and when one looks into the varieties of fruits , and vegetable and many many other things God has created just for us to taste ……… a basket full of different things and tastes ………….and behind all these tastes is taste of divine only…….. 

ANNAKOOT   is a  festival   of  foods which is celebrated soon after Deepavali, …..the festival of lights  which marks the New Year for most of the Indians ………. but has a mark of gratitude to God for creating such a vast O …… Range 

love all.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share 

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