Song and lyrics : What About Now

Music = harmony with God

Bon Jovi

What About Now 

( click on the title to listen )



You wanna start a fire
It only takes a spark
You gotta get behind the wheel
If you ever gonna try that car
If you wanna take a bite
You better have the teeth
If you want take that step
Then get up of your knees

Cause tonight, we’re alive

Who stand for the restless
And the lonely, for the desperate
And the hungry
It’s time for the count
I’m hearing you now
For the painful, the believers
For the faithless and the teachers
Stand up at the ground
What about now

You wanna start a fight
You gotta take a swing
You gotta get your hands in the dirt
To see what the harvest will bring
You wanna raise your voice
Don’t be scared to…

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