A Mighty Inspiration

Whose my hero
My role model
Who do I look up to
Whose footsteps shall I follow

My mum is a hero
Amazing in many ways
She helps people
Every single day.

She taught me 
She loved me
she’s the mum
I’d want to be

My dads a hero
I think you’ll find
His heart Is huge
He’s tell u kind

He works hard everyday
He never fails to show his love
He’s funny and brill
He’s like an angel from above.

My teachers are hero’s
They have to be
Cause it can’t be easy
To try and teach me

They take the time to help 
And make us achieve
They make lessons fun
And in us they believe.

My friends inspire me
The Way they always cheer me up
The Way we all just chat
We never ever shut up

All of you are.heroes to me
The Way you always help 
Both members and mentors
Your all brilliant

So whose my mighty inspiration
I don’t know if I can say
I follow a different path
So it varies every day

So my mighty inspiration is the world itself.
For all the things within 
And thing people do
It is true
We are all heroes in our own way

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