Journey in timelessness

Holi is celebrated after the full moon day in the month of phalgun (February – March).
It is traditionally a harvest festival. Like all Hindu festivals,
the reason for the celebration of Holi can be traced to Hindu scriptures
it also commemorates the victory of good over evil. 
Good and God’s morning …..
what a beautiful  Early morning to start for a divine place NIDHIVAN  …….
( Nidhivan is one of the most famous, religious and mysterious place in the sacred city of India that is Vrindavan.
It has many interesting stories or myths.
This NIDHIVAN (park) is surrounded with small trees all around the van and is home of monkeys.

A divine saint “Swami Haridas”
Born In: 1480 AD, Rajpur, Brindavan
Died In: 1575 AD, Haridaspur, Aligarh
Career: Saint Musician and Teacher
Nationality: Indian
used to please his divine Lord Banke Bihari(Thakur Ji)
by pouring the melodious rapture of his thrilling music
And kind Bihari ji appear in his dream and also blessed him by appearing in the ground of Nidhivan and there is a temple at that place inside Nidhivan named PrakatyaSathal(place of appearance of shree bihari ji) .
 It is also believed that Lord Banke Bihari’s pratima(statue) situated in 
“Banke Bihari temple” emerged from the ground of paavan(holy) Nidhivan.
 Swami Haridas is said to have been the teacher of Tansen, one of the ‘nine gems` of  Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court,
and the renowned dhrupad singer and composer Baiju.
He later shifted his residence to Vrindavan,
the playground of the immortal cowherd Krishna and his lover Radha.
There he built his ashram (hermitage) in Nidhivan
the above miniature depicts how Emperor AKBAR  traveled as helper of Tansen to listen to divine Music of Swami Haridas 
also to notice the small bushes under which he is sitting ……. 
So traveled to this divine place where a Divine singer BABUJI MURLIDHAR MALHOTRA  
along with his group sings since last 55 years in the morning of HOLI  
hundreds of people come from all over India to experience this divine place and his divine music ….
it is a place where music takes you into a timeless dimension and tears of joy flow
one only realize when this program ends
that one has been sitting in this divine place for almost 4 hours …….. 
feel blessed to listen this again this year with the prayer to divine for next year also …..
have a colorful Holi and be blessed ….. love all.
(c) ram0ram
freedom to right copy and share