mirror …… a time tale

Good and God’s morning …….

it is early morning in India and listening to Indian

classical music Raga ….. Sohini  …… Click to listen …..

for me Indian classical music is a journey in time to timeless …… a beautiful vocal

recital ……. click to listen …..

Kumar Gandharva — Raga Sohini

mirror it self is a poem ….. a tale of time …..mirror is a mystery so is our life where horizontal axis of time reverses but vertical axis of timelessness remains same …..so a poem 

Do me a small favor
Tell me a little lie
Reflect a younger me…
Oh please, give it a try!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

this morning reading another  poem ……. what is a dream ?

what is a Dream
A thought, A wish, A cry without evidence or having been seen.
A Light, The Darkness,or what might have been.
A touch, A scent, a place of grandeur.
The search in abyss,unable to soar.
The fear,Triumph,forgetting all will.
Silence or laughter,the solace of still.
abundance,humility,and finally, peace.
Away from the chaos is where one can be, all in the moment of a glorious
(c) Tanya Moulton

(c) Viesturs Avots

in my opinion dream also is a travel ……a illusion with in a illusion of reality

…like our illusion …… of a drop of divine or the ocean …..

in my view we all are drop of divine outside and divine ocean inside ……

it is our choice to make our life a dance of drop …..

the drop is now ….

on 14 of January is the festival of kites and there are two cities in India

1 Jaipur in State of Rajasthan


2. Ahmedabad in State of Gujrat

where everybody is on the roofs of their home

and whole sky is full of different colors and shapes of kites

through out the day

yesterday my Grand children visited me

and as usual it

   is a….

time of great fun in kitchen ….. for all of us …..

cooking is a spiritual journey ….

it is also one of the songs of life ……

so we all enjoyed and now it was there time to hug me and gift me …..

 paintings  …… which are my invaluable gifts …

from my Grandson ….yajvin

and this from my grand daughter


now Australian open 2013 will be live in few minutes


have to have some

time of silence …….

Love all

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

Ball of Timelessness

Williams v Kirilenko

Preview: Serena v Kirilenko

French Quarter

The French quarter

Day 8 preview: Federer a hunted man

Gilles Simon

What makes me special Gilles Simon

Adam Kellerman

Kellerman claims playoff for main draw berth

Roger Federer

Pride on the line as Federer stands up to Raonic

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Kuznetsova holds firm to deny Dane

Jeremy Chardy

Chardy moves into first Slam quarterfinal

Victoria Azarenka

Woman on a mission: Vika moves into last 8

Nikola Milojevic

Boys’ top seed scrapes through

Sloane Stephens

Stephens hits new heights

Andy Murray

Murray marches on

Serena Williams

Serena muscles through

Roger Federer

Roger’s right on

Images and text credits : http://www.australianopen.com/en_AU/news/index.html

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Ball of Timelessness

Novak Djokovic

Novak survives steely Stan

Stanisias Wawrinka

Sunday, 20 January, 2013
By Matt Cronin


Leave it to Novak Djokovic to be involved in another dramatic spectacle. In one of the most thrilling contests played at Melbourne Park in the past decade, the two-time defending champion edged an inspired Stanislas Wawrinka 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-7(5) 12-10 in a five hour and two minute marathon to move into the quarterfinals.

It was a heroic effort by both men in front of a packed Rod Laver Arena that ended at 1.41am on Monday morning. The top seed managed to repel the pumped-up Swiss, who dictated play for much of the match with brilliant shot-making.

But while Wawrinka wowed the spectators with his wondrous one-handed backhand, booming serves and rolling topspin forehands, it was Djokovic who once again dug deep on the court where he has had the most success.

“Well, I’m just pleased to be…

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