Absolute Truth : Ek OMkar

Ek Omkar

Good and God’s morning ……. as praying to rising SUN …. a eternal word of a great saint GURU NANAK DEV echoed in my being and that is …….


(MOOL MANTRA – root mantra) of the sacred text (Jap) written

by Baba Nanak Dev.

This passage allows one to focus energy to the inner self. It connects the outside world to the inside.

These passage is not only a prayer, but a practical guide to Conscious living, an inspiration for all of us to experience the beauty of Grace and to have a complete Cosmic experience.

Ik Onkaar, Satnaam Karataa Purakh, Nirabho Niravair,
Akaal Moorat Ajoonee, Saibhan Gurprasaadh ||

There is A Universal Sound resonating as the Absolute Truth.
This creative force is without fear and prejudice, Transcends mortality and reincarnation,
Become this Truth, allow Grace to unveil your Darkness.||

Jap || Recount And Meditate:||

Aadh Sach Jugaadh Sach ||
Absolute Truth has existed from the beginning.

Hai Bhee Sach Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach ||1||
Truth exists now and Nanak says
Truth will prevail in the future ||1||

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Illuminated Adi Granth folio with nisan (Mul Mantar) of Guru Gobind Singh, showing Ik Onkār. Collection of Takht Sri Harimandir Sahib, Patna.

The Mool Mantra


Guru Nanak Dev

begins with

Ik Onkar or Ek OMkar, Satnam,

There is One Sound in all, Transcending Everything.

Transcend the Mind and the Universe is yours –

Guru Nanak Dev ji. 

The great Guru, mystic, sage, philospher and poet, who during his time was known as Baba Nanak Dev was born in Talwandi (now) Nankana, Pakistan in 1469.

Over a span of twenty years, Baba Nanak Dev made four separate yatras – journeys, traveling extensively throughout Asia, from the core center of Hindus along the river Ganges at Hardwaar to the revered home of the Muslims, Mecca.

Baba Nanak Dev lived harmoniously with nature till the age of 70.

His writings reflect experiences of the beauty in the cosmos, love, compassion ways to overcome suffering to live a peaceful and compassionate life.

He also showed us ways to resolve the conflict of duality in our minds by understanding and balancing the five great emotional states: desire, anger, greed, attachment and pride. To him material security was always transient and dispensable, but spiritual security always consistent and was not effected with time.

Text credits : http://www.globalchants.com/mool-mantra/