Why goodness is God ?

there are four stages which are to be followed to transform Goodness  into God ……

inform , uniform , perform and transform ……

inform is the knowledge or information about any thing and in my opinion is worth $ one only …..

uniform is to understands the knowledge by judgement of good and bad and this step is worth $ 100 only … 

perform is to put that understanding into action and that is worth $ 100000….

and transform is to bring that good performance or totality into habit or nature of our being and that is invaluable as life ….. 

so there are two O in good …..one O represent our body and another O represent soul ….

transformation is oneness of body and soul and that is totality and two O merge to become one O so good becomes God …..

totality of every action is goodness with God …. or sat chit anand or absolute bliss with every breath ……

make every breath a prayer ….. every work a worship ……

and love all.


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