Creative Enlightenment

Consider the core of the mind to be a wagon,

with will-power to be carried about in it.

Push it to a place where there can be failure,


there will be failure.

Push it to a place where there can be success,


there will be success.

But whether there is success or failure,

if one entrusts himself to the straightness of this wagon of the core of the mind,

he will attain right-mindedness in either case.

Severing oneself from desire and being like a rock or tree,

nothing will ever be achieved.

Not departing from desire,

but realizing a desireless right-mindedness –

this is the Way.

Takuan Soho

(1573 – 1645 ).

Takuan’s character and mastery of Zen impressed his fellow monks. At the unprecedented age of 36, Takuan was made abbot of the Daitokuji temple.

Takuan was able to apply Zen principals to many activities.  

He was…

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