Beyond the Rainbow

Tao Te Ching: Chapter : 20 : wandering

What is the difference between assent and denial?
What is the difference between beautiful and ugly?
What is the difference between fearsome and afraid?

The people are merry as if at a magnificent party
Or playing in the park at springtime,
But I am tranquil and wandering,
Like a newborn before it learns to smile,
Alone, with no true home.

The people have enough and to spare,
Where I have nothing,
And my heart is foolish,
Muddled and cloudy.

The people are bright and certain,
Where I am dim and confused;
The people are clever and wise,
Where I am dull and ignorant;
Aimless as a wave drifting over the sea,
Attached to nothing.

The people are busy with purpose,
Where I am impractical and rough;
I do not share the peoples’ cares
But I am fed at nature’s breast.

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Beyond the Rainbow


Birthday of Radha is celebrated as Radhaashtami throughout the country and especially in the north, with full devotion and joy. Radha Ashtami is observed after 15 days of Janmashtami, which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. Radharani’s birthday is the sacred eighth day of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). Sri Radha was born in Barsana, suburb of Mathura and appeared as the daughter of Vrishabhanu and Kirti.


Beleif on Radha Ashthami

Sri Radha was older to Lord Krishna and it is believed that the divine girl did not open her eyes until Sri Krishna was born. The relationship of Sri Krishna and Radha surpasses human concepts and is spiritual in nature. It is redundant to affirm that one may attain Krishna only through the Grace of Radha.

Hindu scriptures described that Radha and Sri Krishnas relation was a pure form of spirituality. Their sacred relationship and dedication towards…

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Beyond the Rainbow

there is a saying ……. bad is bad but so called good is equally bad ….

in the history of mankind …… man was never kind always acted as animal ….. 

some wearing uniforms of nationality , some of religions , some of colors , some of races ,some of law makers , some of peace makers , some of modern beliefs and some of evolution and some of revolutions …. but all  in the name of solutions …….. 

and other without uniform as law breakers , also as anti establishment , also as criminals …… and many time so called good people killed more people than the bad people … in the name of nations , religions , economic interests , and hidden agendas …..

good and bad are two opposite like acid and alkaline …….but both burn only…… one positive other negative charge 

love which is natural and…

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