Beyond the Rainbow

“all streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are.
humility gives it its power.
you want to govern the people,
you must place yourself below them.
you want to lead the people,
you must learn how to follow them.”

Lao Tzu

(570-490 BC)

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Beyond the Rainbow

Tao Te Ching: Chapter : 19 : Simplify

If we could abolish knowledge and wisdom
Then people would profit a hundredfold;

If we could abolish duty and justice
Then harmonious relationships would form;If we could abolish artifice and profit
Then waste and theft would disappear.Yet such remedies treat only symptoms
And so they are inadequate.People need personal remedies:
Reveal your naked self and embrace your original nature;Bind your self-interest and control your ambition;
Forget your habits and simplify your affairs.

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Tao Te Ching: Chapter : 19 : Simplify : ram0ram wisdom note note 
just stay at the center of the circle
and let all things take their course.
Lao Tzu
Dialog between Uddaalak a subjective scientist of macro vision and His Son Shwetketu a objective scientist of micro vision almost 3000 years before….the following story is taken from Chhaandogya Upanishad ( 800…

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