Beyond the Rainbow

When the Way is forgotten

Duty and justice appear;

knowledge and wisdom are born
with hypocrisy.
When harmonious relationships dissolve
respect and devotion arise;

When a nation falls to chaos


loyalty and patriotism are born.

Text credits :

Tao Te Ching: Chapter : 18 : Taoism out of use : ram0ram wisdom note .
 Lao Tzu could  write some thing of timeless essence and that too almost 2500 years ago and even today it is as true as it was before …

Tao is like water ……neutral and natural ……like nucleus in atom which is neutral and zero ……

to put this wisdom and to share it with masses

genius spiritual scientist created mythological stories in all religions ……

as born in a Hindu family so have been listening these stories from elders and


when essence of these stories unfold they makes me wonder ……

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