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~ Those who know don’t talk…those who talk don’t know ~
Lao Tzu
Tao Te Ching ~
Good and God’s morning …..
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there is no way to tell absolute truth or untruth …….
it depends on the level of inner silence of the listener or reader to process the essence so a same quote can be translated into different ways and meaning by different persons according to their understanding ……
see some example below …
‘She who knows does not speak. She who speaks does not know . – Translated by Charles Muller Revised, July 1997.

• ‘Those who know the natural way have no need of boasting, whilst those who know but little, may be heard most frequently; thus, the sage says little, if anything at all. – Translated by Stan Rosenthal, UK. .

• ‘Who understands does not preach; Who preaches does not understand. – The GNL Tao Te Ching Copyright © 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Peter A. Merel.

• ‘Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know. – Translated by S. Mitchell.

• ‘He who knows does not speak; He who speaks does not know. – Translated by Lin Yutang; 1976.

but this quote raise questions on the saying of all enlightened masters in last few centuries who spoke and spoke in length on truth , enlightenment ,and God ….

the picture in the article is known in Indian language Hindi is Swadarshan Chakra or Sudrashna Chakra and depicted only in the upper hand of Lord Vishnu which means cosmic consciousness …..

and also in the hands of Lord Krishna ….who at one point in Holy Gita explains by saying …..

that know in action the non action and in non action the action ….

to explain it easily let us imagine car and a driver …… car as our body and driver as our soul ….. to move car we gear the car but driver can be in neutral gear and static or in silence …… so it is action and non action together …..

like to write this article I have geared my brain and fingers to type on my computer but inside the writer is in neutral silence ……

witnessing the action and non action together is yoga of body and soul and simplest way to mirror our original face ……mirroring the original face is SUDARSHNA CHAKRA….

so when Lao tzu say ….those who know do not talk and those who talk does not know ……means those who talk without inner silence which is state of no ego does not know…… 

when person in absolute inner silence remains in neutral gear inside yet gears the body to talk is talking without talking …..eating without eating ….walking without walking …..the path of no ego …..

and most of the enlightened masters walk and walked on the path of no ego…..

path of no ego is time and timelessness together …..

love all

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