Last words of an enlightened mother : Eveready

 It is certainly not an overstatement that battery and Eveready have been
 synonymous with each other in India 
for over a century.
So in Year 1957 we also had a torch and batteries
 as a precious possession in our family of
 many brothers and sisters but being fascinated by this torch which I will carry to roof where first work in the evening was to clean and sprinkle water on the roof in summer then one will cover most of the roof with mattresses and best fun was to roll over from one end to other end
And by evening half the city will be on roofs either playing , conversations, kite flying ….as most of the houses were connected so one could travel to different lanes from one roof to another…..
in the night one will light the torch against the small fingers to see glow in them…..but  every morning one will take out the  dry cells from the metal torch so one day as I was cleaning the torch and cells…. my mother asked what is on the cells written and what is this logo….as a child we all were very conscious about cat…… as cat will drink the milk since there were no refrigerators those days… she asked the meaning of the words so to explain her as she only had primary education so told that….eveready means a cat ever ready to drink milk……
my mother was a great human being …..all her ten children and many many grand children always wanted to be around her…..her day will start at 4.30 a.m. in the morning with cleaning of house which was quite big …..but she will sing bhajans ….mostly her own creations…..then getting ready to go to nearby temple many time I will also go with her to water a banyan tree with her and coming back some prayers in home temple and then preparations  for the meals ..
My grand mother will also go to temple while returning she will bring fruits and vegetables… mother lunch time always was last and she will only eat after everybody has taken their meals….and it will be around 3.30 p.m…..then she will rest and most of the afternoon she will do embroidery for various dresses of my seven sisters…..and then the evening prayers and dinner preparations……
today I wonder how could she do so much of work and never-never in her life I saw her complaining……for her all works of life were worship of God.
she had a habit that she will always take bath before going to Bed… one day I ask her why she takes bath….the answer she gave …..that this body is like a car from the God….I drive it everyday…..but always keep it clean inside and outside… not know ….when God want it back… I am also like your battery cells…..eveready.
this I listened from her almost 50 years back ……..and to be honest I also follow the same routine till today….
before ten years in the month of june… wife was in U.S.A but she returned to India with our son who graduated from a design school…..when she went to touch my mother’s feet … mother told her….now you have come so it is my time to go and now I am already 82 …..
.after 4 days …..she asked all family members to be called for meals so there were many many people , some grand children are doctors also were in her attendence…….she was not ill but she will not talk much that day…..on 7 June….as we all were there enchanting many of her Bhajans…..
at arround 1 o’clock she ask every one to go and have lunch…..and when returned from the lunch it was almost her lunch time….so I went and touched  her hands to enquire about lunch   and she opened her eyes looked at me…..looked at the picture of god on the wall and told me……eveready…..and closed her eyes for ever.
many time I think…. she was truly a spiritual and enlightened person….. she was ever ready for the God…..with tears of love on her death anniversary 
thought of great saint Kabir’s bhajans ….Jhini jhini Chadriya….
in the voice of Great maestro Kumar Gandharva’s eternal voice…
……love all.