ram H singhal Happiness notes

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.

Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.

“H.Jackson Browne 

Good and God’s morning ……  

this morning while walking on the circular pathway of Garden ……. normally traffic in India moves on left hand side so there are many who are behind on my side and before my side so we walk clockwise but there are many who walk anti clockwise so cross them two times in one complete circle …….

so wondering when one walk alone there is no rules …. but the moment two comes …… there comes a silent understanding of a smooth flow …. means both follow the left hand drive but both cross each other …..

so true freedom means give a path to others without any obstructions …. without hurting each other …..

in garden …… everyone who comes there comes…

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Fragrant Breeze

FROM out the street of So-and-So,
Oh wind, bring perfumes sweet to me
For I am sick and pale with woe;
Oh bring me rest from misery!
The dust that lies before her door,
Love’s long desired elixir, pour
Upon this wasted heart of mine–
Bring me a promise and a sign!

Between the ambush of mine eyes
And my heart’s fort there’s enmity–
Her eye-brow’s bow, the dart that flies,
Beneath her lashes, bring to me!
Sorrow and absence, glances cold,
Before my time have made me old;
A wine-cup from the hand of Youth
Bring me for pity and for ruth!

Then shall all unbelievers taste
A draught or two of that same wine;
But if they like it not, oh haste!
And let joy’s flowing cup be mine.
Cup-bearer, seize to-day, nor wait
Until to-morrow!–or from Fate
Some passport to felicity,
Some written surety bring to me!

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happy birthday everyday

Good and God’s morning ……

Love Monday ….. it is birthday of my three weekly blogs on wordpress and two pages on face book …..

one blog is of poems …. another of happiness notes and third is wisdom and prayers …. 

many time people ask why I write so many blogs ….. to be honest with you they relates to different aspects of me ….. 

and this I learn from the wisdom of Hinduism where they worship a new god everyday and in its story ….icons and prayers are hidden gems of scientific and spiritual wisdom ….

so we will start our day with Namaste to all my dear and divine friends ….

prayers of Monday


Whispers of fragrant breeze



Ram0ram’s happiness notes……



p.s…..dear and divine ……….See how beautifully….. God has added one……More day in our life…….life is a celebrations of everyday as …..birthday….Happy Birthday …….with all the good wishes and greetings …..

love all.

(c) ram0ram …… freedom to right copy and share