sign of God

Bring Perfumes Sweet To MeFROM out the street of So-and-So,
Oh wind, bring perfumes sweet to me
For I am sick and pale with woe;
Oh bring me rest from misery!
The dust that lies before her door,
Love’s long desired elixir, pour
Upon this wasted heart of mine–
Bring me a promise and a sign!Shams al-Din Hafiz
(1325 – 1389 )Good and God’s morning …… 

in India perfume is known as Kushboo and meaning of this is smell of happiness …..

and a foul smell is known as DURGAND and it means what makes you apart or increase distance between two hearts …… 

all languages were and are formulated by genius minds with spiritual and scientific wisdom ….. 

some body ask me what is sign of God ….. answered ……Kushboo …..smell of happiness ….

be sensitive for this mild fragrance … I will update this page …. Whispers of fragrant breeze

sign on this page so I know you have been there like God …..

love all.

(c) ram0ram ………freedom to right copy and share

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