Art of watching

Good and God’s morning …… 

Losing is not my enemy..fear of losing is my enemy.
Rafael Nadal

Seven-time defending championRafael Nadal will face World No. 1 Novak Djokovic in a blockbuster final at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters after the Spaniard beat Frenchman Gilles Simon 6-3, 6-4 on Saturday.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovicreached the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters final for the second time on Saturday as he battled windy conditions and an in-form Tomas Berdych to prevail 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

In the final on Sunday 22 April 2012 , Djokovic will attempt to dethrone seven-time reigning champion Rafael Nadal

Yesterday I was watching both the semifinals and both were fine matches …… 

today I will explain how I watch a match in its totality …… and in every tournament there are 2 or 3 matches which really enlighten you with joy watching players perfection and totality and grace ……

normally when ever we watch a match ….. knowingly or unknowingly our mind gets inclined to either of the players so normally on a match day we have fans of both players and some neutral watchers which are rare ….

when ever we are inclined to anybody win on a point ….our mind starts predicting the outcome before it happens and in this prediction we lose the beauty of that moment or point …..

so who enjoy the game most …..if you watch with a neutral vision ….. you will witness finer points and beauty of game …..

a neutral referee witness a game ….. to become neutral referee is to witness love game of God ….. that is life 

but to be a good referee ….one has to be a good player first … play the role of life with truthfulness and totality and making every shot or every step of life as worship of work and going through win and lose in life games to gain depth of understanding will train us to be a good referee ….

to become good referee is to live in present and eternal happiness ….

watch game of life with neutral vision to unfold the mystery of God …

today I have to update two of my  weekly wordpress blogs and two face book pages … are here 

Tennis = love game of God

Journey of creative enlightenment

journey of creative enlightenment is a photo art blog ….so will show one artist work 

but let us remember and ….

See how beautifully….. God has added one more day in our life…….life is a celebrations of everyday as birthday….Happy Birthday to everyone …….with all the good wishes and greetings …..

love all

(c) ram0ram ……. freedom to right copy and share

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