Fragrant Breeze

When the flute is playing
For then I see every movement emanates
From God’s

 by Hafiz
(1320 – 1389) 
Original Language
Muslim / Sufi

The flute is an important sacred symbol in mystical poetry, particularly in the Sufi and Hindu traditions.
On a simple level, the flute is like a plaintive, purified human voice, calling out — an expression of longing. The flute is also hollow, empty, and it is precisely because of this emptiness that its sound is so pure.
On a more esoteric level, each human being is a living flute. The hollow reed is the sushumna, the central spiritual channel that parallels the spine. The holes of the flute are the chakras that open out from the sushumna. Living music is produced when the breath of God flows through this hollow reed, producing bliss, producing the sound of God. The…

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birds ….. my teacher ….my guru

Good and God’s morning ……

I clearly remembers my mother taking me to a near by temple where she will make me circle a banayan  tree few times before poring a pot of water into the roots of the tree …. as a child of 5or 6 years one time asked her …. is tree thirsty ?…if so …..did tree ask you to bring water ? … my mother replied ….. I bring this water as my love to say thank you to tree for giving us fresh air ….. and to watering  roots is the way to say thank you to all branches …..

and may be that is the root cause of my regular morning walks for last 50 years …… secondly the humanity is a big tree ……. if we nourish it with our love which is natural and neutral like water ….we can make all branches of this big tree ….. healthy …..watering a branch with leaves can make branch look clean for some time but ultimate health comes for watering the roots only…….

my mother was like a good gardener who took care of her all the 10 children so well that even today we remember her for love and compassion and we carry this tradition as our sacred prayer even today ….so have harmony and happiness in our home ……

so was wondering what happened to our religions ……all talk of love but there is a element of hate between them …… where did we go wrong ?…...

in my opinion Jesus Christ of Christianity , Mohmed of Islam  , Buddha of Buddhism , Mahavir of Jainism , Krishna of Hinduism  and many thousand others with the passage of time were all like good gardeners who had to work hard with love to keep garden of there respective thinking clean , nice and without walls…..

but in few centuries the following gardeners became watchmen , uniformed themselves , created walls around their respective garden , created difficult regulations or rituals which at all were not needed to have a walk in the garden and nourish the roots of humanity with love …..

let us remove these walls from our mind and heart and be open to a root religion of the world which is love …..which branch we want to follow or want to sit and sing a song of humanity like a bird is our personal choice …

like all birds ….. they all sing different  ….all dance in their own way  …. yet maintaining the  harmony of the garden ….

so let us learn from the birds ….. treating them like a teacher ….a guru ….

love all.

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