circle of life

Good and God’s morning ……

early morning walk in the garden is divine ….. fragrant breeze …. lot of different greens and flowers and trees ….. wonder who designs all these ? is creativity our basic nature or nature is creativity ? ….. in my opinion both are true ……

nature creates every moment ….. normally there is a walk way and as you walk in circle around the garden but by the time I come back to my starting point …..everything is new ….intensity of light is different ….wind velocity is different ….. birds are different …… and wonder this cycle of seasons as well as cycle of life ….

today noticed so many different shades of green …. first I thought to count then lost the counting … when we count we become old ….. that why always think ….. now and here… everyday is a birthday.

Green – the colour of life. The very word ‘green’ is almost synonymous with life, deriving as it does from Old English verb ‘grēne’ or ‘growan’ or the earlier ‘grœni’, meaning ‘to grow’. The first recorded use of the word as a colour term dates to about 700 AD.

so first the cycle of seasons in India ….. there are six seasons ascribed to two months each of the twelve months in the Hindu calendar. The rough correspondences are:

  • Hindu season ( English ) Start End Hindu Months
  • Greeshma (Summer), mid-April mid-June Vaishakha, Jyestha
  • Varsha (Monsoon) mid-June mid-August Ashadha, Shravana
  • Sharad (Autumn), mid-August mid-October Bhadrapada, Ashwayuja
  • Hemanta (pre-hibernal), mid-October mid-December (Kartika, Maargashirsha)
  • Shishira (winter), mid-December mid-February (Pushya, Magha)
  • Vasanta (Spring) mid-February mid-April ( Phalguna, Chaitra )

everything is moving in circles …..from atom to cosmos ….. must be our life also ….

with my grand daughter collect different shapes of leaves and wonder again who is that crazy designer ….. must be God … many designs ….in millions and billions but all with no signature ….. no copy right but then realise the beauty is the signature and copy right is free share…..

so I sing nature …. like a bird …. just to say ….. thank you God ….

love all.

(c) ram0ram …..freedom to right copy and share