God of life

Good and God’s morning …… 

Tuesday is a day to visit Hanuman temple ….. 

The ideal devotee of Shri Rama and the God of Strength from Ramayan; one of the few Chiranjeevis (who do not die).

There is no village or town in India without a temple dedicated to Hanuman. An unforgettable character in the great epic, the Ramayan, he has become a symbol of courage, loyalty and mature wisdom.

According to legend, Hanuman is the son of the Wind God. Air sustains all living beings. One can exist without food, spend days without water; but it is impossible to exist even for a short time without air. Air is life. Therefore, Hanuman is also called ‘Pranadeva’ or the God of Life. 

Hanuman was a master of music. He was also an expert in dance and drama. So, he is worshipped with love and devotion by musicians and actors. He was also a great yogi or mystic. 

so what one learn going to temple of Lord Hanuman is importance of breath ….. the oneness of senses ….. healthy body , mind and soul ……

what exactly one do going to a temple …..one a morning walk …. second prayer to lose ego …… third a worship called Aarti …where one sees the decorated idol , flowers and incense fragrance and lamp burning ….and singing of prayer ….it is a science which brings oneness of senses in very little time so for a normal human it is a yoga and meditation happening without any particular effort ….

it is a learning without joining any particular yoga or meditation class ….. there is a saying in Indian language Hindi …EK HAWA OR SOO DAWA ….. meaning of which is one fresh air is equals to hundred medicine …..

take a morning walk ….. for fresh air …. the life force …. to have fresh air is true wisdom behind going to temple of Lord Hanuman ….. the hidden wisdom of way of life ……it is called Hinduism…

love all.

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