temple of learning

Good and God’s Morning ……

Monday is the day to visit Shiva Parvati temple …… and Shiva and Parvati temples are very common and exist in every corner of Indian cities ….. I like going to temple not because I am theist but go to temple to learn the wisdom hidden inside ….. 

one thing very good about the Indian Trinity is all are depicted as family persons and Lord Vishnu , Lord Brahaman and Lord Shiva are have single consort or life partner …. and what does this signify ….. to love a person eternally ….. 

In India when a man and woman marry ….. one they treat other partner as divine and other think to have each other for another seven life …..

this teaches another dimension to man and women to have purity and sacredness in family and intimate life …..

many time see the influence of western culture happening in Indian young masses and wonder ….. are we progressing or going back to animal instincts ? …..

never used to listen about divorces in India in my young days now India has a divorce rate of 1% compare to average 50 % in developed western countries ……

I have hundreds of friends across all over the world and in my last 40 years of creative design assignments ….. travelling abroad hardly know a man or woman who stayed more than 10 to 15 years with the same person ….

marriage is a sacred bond which cannot be broken and if we have this thing in mind …… all small matters in family life does not matter …..once we are loyal to each other …. 

my mother taught one thing …… the woman you marry is your life partner and one must respect her like God and treat other women as your sisters or like mother ….. and this is secret of my happy family relations …… for last 37 years of married life 

when my wife is happy ….. she will say like to be my wife for next seven life and when angry ….. it is seventh life …..

life is a dance divine …… love your life partner not for their outer beauty but for their inner beauty …..

that is what I learn and practiced till today going to Shiva and Parvati temple on Monday ….

Monday is day of moon and in moon is sign of love …

be in love today …..look at your life partner as divine and dance together as divine couple …

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……. freedom to right copy and share

5 thoughts on “temple of learning

    • before 100 years or age of industrial revolution ….. it was male as a bread earner and female as home makers ……so it was more a male dominated society so most of the temples we known after masculine names only ….. like Ram mandir , Shiv Mandir ….all though there will be idols of both like RAM SITA or Shiva Pravati ……

      marriage is a mutual respect and being woman a better half should be always respected ….irrespective of times …..

      thanks for your time ……. adds value to my writing ….love all.


      • equal half is just fine for most women, but in reality indian men still treat women as a baggage 😦 an extra luggage. May be they should be living the western life for a century to know what a woman is worth, but when they will realize the true worth of indian women will they find them waiting for them like they did before? I believe not!

        I am not much of an “ideeal indian woman” I was a tomboy, a woman who wanted to have a career but …. still, i have never for one day have disrespected “an ideal indian woman”- they give so much, so meekly and devotedly that men should respect that.


    • dear and divine Sharmishtha ……… all women give much more to society in different roles like earth so both are respected as mothers …… motherhood is nature of divine so respecting women one respect divine only ….. they are tree of happiness …. love all.


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