imprints of journey

“I Am Not Old”
I am not old.. she said
I am rare

I am the standing ovation
at the end of the play

I am the retrospective
of my life
as art

I am the hours
connected like dots
into good sense

I am the fullness
of existing

you think I am waiting to die
but I am waiting to be found

I am a treasure
I am a map
these wrinkles are imprints
of my journey

ask me

(c)  Samantha Reynolds

Good and God’s morning …..
reading this poem of great wisdom …..
and thinking are not we like a football ?….
eternity is dancing on eternity like football….or dance of time on the canvas of timelessness ……weathering of leather is mark of long match …..purpose of the dance is to find true identity …..beyond creation beyond destruction ….so old outside and gold inside …..

cage of body outside ……. sage of soul inside …..

atom outside ……at OM inside ….

distance has no meaning …..meaning is how we cover it to discover peace and love…….

true life is love and peace outside … and peace inside ……

love all.

(c) ram0ram …….. freedom to right copy and share

Photo shared by, Bobbie Jean.

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