Encouragement …….a silent relationship

Good and God’s morning …..

watched live 26 night match …. rare win for Andy Roddick over Roger Federer in 3rd round at SONY ERICSSON OPEN, Miami, U.S.A.

Andy Roddick beat Roger Federer for only the third time in their 24 meetings Monday night, dominating with his serve to win 7-6 (4), 1-6, 6-4 in the third round …. 

it was a great match but more great is to watch a relationship developing inside the court between the spectators and players ….. so I will try to discuss how relationship develops and how it effects our life ….. what kind of relationship can last longer …

can we watch a match without developing a silent liking for a team or player ….. normally no …..most of the time we are inclined towards a player who belongs to our country or to our silent liking inside our mind …. as today match is happening in U.S.A and most of the spectators are American and their encouragement made Andy Roddick to put a fine performance after a long time …..

one thing I could understand is encouragement is a kind of relationship which makes a human winner in its mind ….

mind also is a relationship between soul and body ….. God also is a relationship which encourages every human ….. encourage everyone is a good relationship with our self ….

harmony with in is peace of mind ….and peace of mind is a real winner …..

love all.

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