The art of seeing

Good and God morning …….

a zen master will ask …. what is beauty ? ….. in my opinion ……beauty is art of seeing everything without opinion ….. in silence …. with neutral mind ….like a referee ….

I like many sports ….. some I played myself like tennis , squash , at the club and badminton and table tennis at home with kids ….and in my childhood liked football …… but always watch tennis matches and many more sports ….. in young days will travel to watch ….. how I came to know art of seeing …. tell you with a story from this match ……

1985 Australian Open Semi finals played between Stephan Edberg and Evan Lendl …….. as I was watching on television at home and as it happens that each player has its own fans and supporters and some neutral spectators ….. in those years fans were still more silent compare to now where many fans comes with painted face and flags to cheer their favorite player ….. 

as I am a Indian national and both the players are not from my country so for me I should have been a neutral spectator but some how silently my inclination tilted towards Stephan Edberg….and know on I will cheer more whenever Edeberg will win a point , game or set …… and less for Evan Lendl 

Suddenly I realize this phenomena inside me and as a keen observer of mind asked this question who enjoys the match most ?

one may say fans…. some may say player ….. but both are not true ….as both swing between win and loss ….. but a referee is the person who witness a match without and inclination towards and player so is a neutral player …. this neutral vision with out any opinion the art of seeing …..

finally Edberg defeated. Lendl by 6-7, 7-5, 6-1, 4-6, 9-7 but this match gave me or taught the art of seeing ….

yesterday in Asia cup cricket match between Bangladesh and Pakistan …… it was a sheer delight watching one of the finest bowling specially by Pakistan bowlers …..

so try and see the match of life with a neutral vision ….and see the change inside and outside …..

seeing this world with the neutral vision is enlightenment ….and conversation with God and God is beauty ….in every atom as OM ….. 

OM is conversion of atom vibration into sound that is why we say in Hinduism ….. the sound of creation so also in other religions …..equally true and scientific as ALLAH , GOD , or name of their choice …..

love all is a neutral vision and art of seeing ….

Love all.

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