flowers of humanity

Good and God’s morning ……
during my morning walk having conversations with Jasmine tree which is flowering and the fragrance still lingers in my mind ….and after that opened my facebook and in first glance reading this quote ….
“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” –
The Buddha
so what is this miracle ….. before that tell you a story ….. 

may be 30 years back …..a person who claimed to have spent 25 years in meditation in a cave in Himalaya in India …and dressed like a saint with flowing beard …….. and claimed to have miracle powers came to visit me in my office ….. 

and and to impress me he pressed his both palms and suddenly there was a red power kind of a material on my clean table ….. he thought it will impress me but since I was not impressed …… as he was claiming that this is a sand  from the feet of the Lord ….as he was getting restless not finding much response from me …

at this time I asked him politely …..Sir will you like to come with me to garden …..I will show you a real miracle …so took him near to a large neem tree in the courtyard …..and told him …..out of sand comes out this big tree …which gives life and shade to all of us and here you being a human produce sand and think your’s feat is a miracle …..

miracle is…… earth is moving silently ….candle light also moves at the speed of sunlight ….miracle is all around …..nature blooms ….birds sing …

many time wonder … people start following these so called God man and God women ….. who claim with some magical tricks and the with their dress and makeup create a mystery around them selves ….matching the image of a wise person we carry at our subconsciousness level .

will you learn to drive from a person who does not know how to drive ? … if we can not embrace life on earth how can we embrace life afterwards ?

so miracle is that timeless soul is having time experience …..miracle is we can become mirror for divine …..

divine want us to be a flower of humanity ….not the follower of any caste , color, creed , men , women , religion , or nation …..

we all can adopt the path of love , peace , harmony and oneness inside and outside …… oneness inside and outside is flowering of our soul and that is enlightenment ….. and real miracle ….

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……. freedom to right copy and share 

Image credits : Photo artist of 12 week 2012 : Susana. chuvi photos