happy women’s day ….. everyday

Happy women’s day ….. feminine is nature of God and women are naturally blessed with this Gift ….. life is to hold this gift while making bold steps to write human history with love peace and happiness ….. and women has greater role to play in modern times …… I was reading this quote from a unknown beautiful women who wants to be known …..

Heart of a beautiful feminine women speaks ….

As a woman I have to say even I don’t know what women want, only what this one wants. 

I want the opportunity and the freedom to explore all the gifts, talents and curiosities I have. 

I want to do this without someone believing it’s their right to TEACH ME HOW TO BE A WOMAN. 

I want the same opportunity to explore the world and impart what I have learned while doing it. 

I want to be thought of as an excellent mentor for a man, without anyone thinking about me as a woman. 

I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING TO BE A PERSON, HUMAN, COMPETENT, CAPABLE of being a mother, leader, guru, expert, a model Human being that any gender could find value in. The help-mate, nurturer, partner, assistant label creates another place for me to step into and own…

I AM A LIVING , BREATHING, TALENTED, and EXTRAORDINARILY UNIQUE human being, as a woman I just want to be able to manifest who I am, without the ropes and chains that are placed on me because of gender. 

I want it in the corporate world, the culture and in my relationships with others. I just want everyone to back off and see me as human.

I am a human first, then all the other stuff comes into play, but the only defining trait I have is HUMAN BEING.

p.s….. women must be respected everywhere and every time …. one who does not respect women does not respect God ….

love all.

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