God in Goodness


There are four stages which followed bring God in Goodness …… 

inform , uniform , perform and transform …… 

so inform is the knowledge or information about any thing and in my opinion is worth Rs one only ….. 

uniform is to understands the knowledge by judgement of good and bad and this step is worth Rs 100 only … 

perform is to put that understanding into action and that is worth 1000….

and transform is to bring that good performance into habit or nature of our being and that is worth 10000 or invaluable as life ….. 

so there are 2 o in good …..1 o represent our body and another o represent soul …. transformation is oneness of body and soul and that is totality and 2 o merge to become 1 0 so good becomes God ….. totality of every action is goodness with God ….

if things were to improve by speeches than which will be the best country in the world ?

will be our country India 

things improve by putting the right knowledge with understanding to action or to work towards best results in totality ….. 

like Lord Krishna in every work ….every breath even in driving the chariot that is the reason only human who been given a title by Hindu or Sanatana dharma as complete incarnation of God …. so divine is character of Lord Krishna …

love all.

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