Happy Valentine Day

1 Jan 2016
Happy Valentine Day
all the lovers of life .



some one ask ….. are you a theist or atheist ?
tears in my eyes express my soft answer in silence…..
only lover  and lover of God .


love is basic essence from God in every person and in every atom…..
love all …..is my true religion .

Why only 14 February every year ? …..

every breath is Valentine …..

every moment is Valentine …..

everyday is Valentine .

breath in love …. breath out love …. life is a long Valentine day card .

Do not look for your name on it …..as name has no meaning in love ….

it is a silent expression and silence whispers ……

thank you for your love …..

in all the forms ……..

which transforms me as you .

love all is a true universal Valentine day wish .

(c) ram0ram .

freedom to right copy and share .

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