Why love is God ?

To explain love by example of coin , like coin has head , tail and thin edge , Desire is like coin head , hate is like coin tail , thin edge is love , where no desire , no hate ….. 

to stand on thin edge…..the vertical dimension ….

we all need balance of mind …..

yoga of body and soul ,

meditation for merging past and future into present…..

and worship of work for oneness …….

and Namaste as bringing left and right brain in harmony ….

are scientific knowledge with spiritual wisdom put into simple techniques for a common human ……

like to drive a car ….one need to know few simple things …but to be a car engineer one need to study complicated processes ……human are simple driver …..God is a car engineer … 

the essence of Holy Book of Hinduism GITA is lord Krishna is driving a 
Chariot or Horse cart ….. so be a good driver ….

1. keep the body clean from outside or healthy, 2. keep it clean from inside or sensitive,3. drive carefully means do not hurt any body in any way. 4. give fellow passengers good journey means take care of your family, society, and nature.

When the driver is good, driver need not worry about the owner, the owner will worry about the driver . we become good driver , the creator will always remain with us.

Our body is like a car , we all are driver of car . Creator is sitting with us inside , to keep car clean we travel comfortably between life and death of body, to keep drive clean creator comes closer.

Life is a rare opportunity for driver to come closer to creator to become mirror of creator.

car music is within the car only.

desire and hate , good and bad , light and darkness , birth and death , past and future , positive and negative all are dimension of time so linear and horizontal ……. but love , present , now , zero , are timeless and in vertical dimension so beyond change …..so Jesus Christ could say Love is God … love is nature of God …. nature is love of God …..love nature ….we love God .

Love is our inner wealth, seed of which we bring in our closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness…..

true purpose of life is to become tree of happiness …. and to grow that tree we need to be sensitive and compassionate for all.

love all.

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Enlightenment = conversations with God

Love is very individual…….Love is an expression without expressed……..love is neutral and natural and flows from divine to

every heart …..

name has no meaning in love …..

so for me ……

all are dear and divine …..

seeing divinity in everything is enlightenment ….

love all.

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what is God ?

I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question:How are you?

I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question:

What is God?

If you think that the Truth can be known
From words,

If you think that the Sun and the Ocean

Can pass through that tiny opening
Called the mouth,

O someone should start laughing!

poem text : unknown

God is beyond every known and unknown dimensions but within love of no dimension .

love all.

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Storyteller’s Zen

Storyteller’s Zen

Storyteller’s ZenEncho was a famous storyteller. His tales of love stirred the hearts of his listeners. When he narrated a story of war, it was as if the listeners themselves were in the field of battle.

One day Encho met Yamaoka Tesshu, a layman who had almost embraced masterhood of Zen. “I understand,” said Yamaoka, “you are the best storyteller in out land and that you make people cry or laugh at will. Tell me my favorite story of the Peach Boy. When I was a little tot I used to sleep beside my mother, and she often related this legend. In the middle of the story I would fall asleep. Tell it to me just as my mother did.”

Encho dared not attempt this. He requested time to study. Several months later he went to Yamaoka and said: “Please give me the opportunity to tell you the story.”

“Some other day,” answered Yamaoka.

Encho was keenly disappointed. He studied further and tried again. Yamaoka rejected him many times. When Encho would start to talk Yamaoka would stop him, saying: “You are not yet like my mother.”

It took Encho five years to be able to tell Yamaoka the legend as his mother had told it to him.

In this way, Yamaoka imparted Zen to Encho.

ram0ram foot note …… what took Encho five years to perfect …..to be precise not the words but silence between the words ….. timeless silence in the words of sound ….. so finally at par with love of a mother in storytelling ….

Silence is sacred because even we notice the unnoticed.

noticing …..the unnoticed is enlightenment ……

love all.

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