heel or heal

It has been said that heels can make a women look sexier and have more shapely legs and although this may be true but there is nothing sexy about the long term damage that can arise to your natural posture and your spine.

most of the cigarette packet comes with a warning ….. injurious to health …still many smoke …. why ?

when we know that things which are going to give us problems in future still we want to adopt them …..are not we a brain washed or brain ashed society …..

we all wants to look valuable in others eyes …..and this false value is projected through fashion magazines , celebrity endorsements , and advertisements …….

and with the power of media a normal human is controlled for color of the clothes to color of hairs …… 

why do not we think what is good for our body ….. the most valuable gift life has given us ….. what will make it long lasting ….. more healthier ….and more comfortable in every walk of life ……

when we become valuable in our own eyes instead of others eyes is wisdom of life …… so think 

heel or heal 

choice is yours ….

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……. freedom to right copy and share

2 thoughts on “heel or heal

    • dear and divine Laz , ….. your presence has always inspired me ….. what you can say in one line I need a page to say ….. thank you my friend …..value your friendship ….. with love and gratitude …..ram


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