Own Zero = Mathematics of God = Chapter 3 = Multiplication = dance of time in timelessness

During the journey someone….. inquired……..how can I become good human after listening from you that ”goodness is God ” ?

Answered by following four simple directions similar to the instructions one gives to a car driver which are normally these……. 1,keep the car clean from outside …. 2. keep it even more clean inside. 3. drive carefully … 4. give fellow passengers a comfortable journey.

Similar instructions we all get in our nature when we get life in our body or car from the creator of nature who is simple to understand. Follow the instructions and we will find happiness in our journey.

So 1. keep the body clean from outside or healthy, 2. keep it clean from inside or sensitive,3. drive carefully means do not hurt any body in any way. 4. give fellow passengers good journey means take care of your family, society, and nature.

When the driver is good, driver need not worry about the owner, the owner will worry about the driver . we become good driver , the creator will always remain with us.

Our body is like a car , we all are driver of car . Creator is sitting with us inside , to keep car clean we travel comfortably between life and death of body, to keep drive clean creator comes closer.

Life is a rare opportunity for driver to come closer to creator to become mirror of creator.

car music is within the car only.

Distance has no meaning , meaning is how we cover it.

when our outer world is beautiful we are model , when our inner world is beautiful we are total.

To know religion and name it is life, to ignore religion and name it is death.

Philosophy is an influence of one on other, religion is an experience of one with other.

Philosophy is predictions in darkness about brightness, religion is brightness within darkness.

Wandering with goal is philosophy, wandering without goal is religion.

Tape recorder is religion, which can play different cassettes of philosophies.

Smile is religion, words are philosophies .

In a chain every loop is complete chain in itself, in our life everyday is a complete life in itself.

If we live naturally, we will die naturally.

If we live naturally, we will die naturally.

To do your work with love is religion.

Love is very individual.

Love is an expression without expressed.

as the co passenger destination was approaching wanted to thanks for the quality of conversations we exchanged about the creator. passenger says I am curious to know that do you know the creator ? replied that as a driver one cannot say I do not know the owner but at the same time one do not know much also so will say I know that I do not know. but tell you what I listened from creator.

1. To know me you do not require passport of nationality, visa of philosophies, ticket of any class except identity with natural love .

2. Love is my nature, and nature is my love , love my nature, you love me.

3. To be with nature is to be with yourself, to be yourself is to be oneself, to be with oneself is to be with myself.

4. Any name, work or rest which brings peace are the names of me only.

5. Either you know yourself or you know myself, simply do your duties with love , myself will know yourself.

6. To do all the duties of life with love is to know me.

7 .Name has no meaning in love.

8. I am beyond every known and unknown dimensions but within love of no dimension,

All the religion which exists in the name of religion are philosophies, natural love which exists without name is religion.

Love is universal truth.

foot note …..

one day In 1983 …..a quest became intense to know who I am ? …. and was totally ignorant about any religious philosophy or guru or guide except my mother who as a mother of ten children and a simple human being asked me to keep trust in God ….. but for a person to get all the answers for the question was looking impossible ….. 

but one day by chance , by grace , a text appeared ….. the source I do not know but as a good steno wrote what appeared ….. it normally takes 15 minutes to read all four chapters but to understand it took me 25 years …… was never keen to publish but my grand daughter 5 years in year 2009 inspired me to publish and write …..

Atom is signature of God….as energy equation of atom is zero so is of entire cosmos…..cosmos is dance of zero……mathematics of God.

chapter 1 = Minus = Body in time 
chapter 2 = Plus = soul beyond time
chapter 3 = Multiplication = dance of time in timelessness
chapter 4 = Division = zero with zero = zero

my request for all of you to read chapters in serial sequence …. I must have shared this book with thousands of people in all walks of life ….with a commitment from them if they like …..they will share it further …..with love and gratitude …..ram0ram

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……… freedom to right copy and share