Own Zero = Mathematics of God = Chapter 2 = Plus = soul beyond time

Do you ever go to your power house from where your electricity is coming ?possibly no so there is no need for you to know where is your power house , as you are alive so I am with you or say you get current in your room that is enough.What will you need for light ?Mostly you will say , 1. electric current which is I am. 2 . electric line which is life 3. electric bulb which is body or medium for current. 4 . electric switch which is religion or the way current is connected with bulb.

The voltage of the line and voltage of medium has to be same to have proper light. Should you consider what is your inner lineand what is your outer medium?

As a child you all bring love in your closed hands which is universal truth and invaluable wealth I give to every creature .

Your body is the outer medium or bulb , the duty of the bulb is to give light means duty is your outer medium , so to have proper light you must have balance between inner and outer mediums like love your duties which means you must do all the works of life with love.

Like love your body means neither give body comforts or discomforts,neither work too much or too little . The strings of life should neither be too tight nor too loose to have proper music .

Love your works means do all your duties without expecting or not expecting or regardless of fruits . this is the key for balance of mind.

Never destroy any medium or any body because through this only you can be connected with line to have light to know me . For me you, tree,………and bird has no difference . If you destroy anything without any natural reasons, you destroy yourself that means observe …………. non-violence.

For your natural needs you are creator and destroyer yourself.

Destroying anybody you are destroying your opportunity to know me.

If you destroy anything without reasons, anything will also destroy you without reasons.

Normally you need the same line for even 50 watt bulb to 1000 watt bulb or so the capacity to work may be different but line for all the bulbs is same , if bulb thinks it is shining itself and power house puts off the current means your body is simply a medium the current is mine. Your duty is to give light to others whenever you will outshine other bulbs, you will fuse yourself.

The coloured bulbs cannot colour the current.

Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current. Knowing the current is religion , knowing the use of current is science, Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

All the philosophies after the holy people were made to benefit the common humans and humanity to make life beautiful and to communicate different findings of nature ( Science ) , the medium of philosophies was used looking to that particular time, country , people, geographical conditions and the situations existing in those particular areas.

You can find out from the following examples that most of the rituals in all the existing philosophies were practical solutions of those situations in that particular time.

Imagine civilizations in sand desert before 1000 years in hot climatic conditions ….vast sea of sand all around, no water …..,no trees…………,no rivers,…….. a person dies…….. . For disposal of dead body suggest a way……….

One of the possible scientific way is to dig sand which is easy and put it inside the ground and put a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Islamic cultureand some more cultures. Other possible scientific way is to put dead body on a high tower for natural disintegration to happen like Zoroastrian culture.

Now imagine civilizations in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions in mountains and near rivers plains before thousands of years plenty of trees and water rivers so possible scientific way could be to burn dead bodies or throw the bodies in rivers after observing last rites like Indian Hinduism culture and some more cultures with mixed scientific climatic requirements.

Now imagine civilizations in the extreme cold conditions year around and in partial cold and rain conditions before thousands of years with plenty of trees and rivers and without also so one of the possible scientific way could be to have wooden coffins , put the dead body inside observing last rites and put inside the ground and a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Christian culture and some more cultures.

So try to analyse every rituals which were basic needs of that particular time and possible medium of communications to spread new findings of nature (science ) was only through these philosophies which were named as religion or say were made to provide better way of life.

Religion in short is like sea where all the rivers of different philosophies could merge to have same level.

Science is to know nature, religion is to know me.

Science and religion are two ends of one chain only.

Nature is my reflection.

Science is a search of reflection. Religion is a search of me.

Religion is to know your inner cosmos. science is to know your outer cosmos.

foot note …..

one day In 1983 …..a quest became intense to know who I am ? …. and was totally ignorant about any religious philosophy or guru or guide except my mother who as a mother of ten children and a simple human being asked me to keep trust in God ….. but for a person to get all the answers for the question was looking impossible …..

but one day by chance , by grace , a text appeared ….. the source I do not know but as a good steno wrote what appeared ….. it normally takes 15 minutes to read all four chapters but to understand it took me 25 years …… was never keen to publish but my grand daughter 5 years in year 2009 inspired me to publish and write …..

Atom is signature of God….as energy equation of atom is zero so is of entire cosmos…..cosmos is dance of zero……mathematics of God.

chapter 1 = Minus = Body in time
chapter 2 = Plus = soul beyond time
chapter 3 = Multiplication = dance of time in timelessness
chapter 4 = Division = zero with zero = zero

my request for all of you to read chapters in serial sequence …. I must have shared this book with thousands of people in all walks of life ….with a commitment from them if they like …..they will share it further …..with love and gratitude …..ram0ram

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……… freedom to right copy and share

One thought on “Own Zero = Mathematics of God = Chapter 2 = Plus = soul beyond time

  1. Your words, your presence, your silent notes… blessed me since we met.. and as I walk deeper into the heart of One.. I learn more of the silence and rest deeper in faith… beloved Ram… you changed my life…and my promise is to.. live my chapters… one by one… in surrendering to Divine’s will… neutral inside and natural outside… as you always said… God bless you ..God bless all _Serena


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