Own Zero = Mathematics of God = chapter 1 = Minus = Body in time

Read these thoughts which are your own if you agree, throw these thoughts which are mine if you disagree .

All these thoughts are natural, your own, from your own world, from you only. You have all the rights and liberty to implement your thoughts in your life, you are your own sun and ray of this universe .If any thing has to be truth , it has to be universal truth .

If it is true for human beings , it must be true for everything which exists like sun , moon , tree , birds , stars , car , road , music , and everything what so ever you can think .

Read all these thoughts with love .

To explain love by example of coin , like coin has head , tail and thin edge , Desire is like coin head , hate is like coin tail , thin edge is love , where no desire , no hate .

Love is your inner wealth, seed of which you bring in your closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness.

Can you see your own image without mirror?

Even I cannot see my own image without mirror, so thing which is truth for you is truth for me also.

I am the creator of nature .

Nature is my image .

Nature is the cosmic world .

I always exist , nature creates and destroys itself .

I am you , nature is your body .

I am very simple , nature is very complex .

Like I am inside like I am outside.

I can see myself through you , you are my medium , and body is your medium

I am everything known or everything unknown .

I want to see myself through you , life is a chance for the ray to know sun .

I am eternal sound existing in everything .

Life is a rare opportunity for you to know me through the medium of body to become me .

Your body is your guru because of this only you can know me .

I want to be happy to see my clean image of creation for that I give everything a mirror inside and the possibility for every one of you to keep this mirror clean and when mirror is clean , I am with you .

I am easy to understand and complex to explain .

Imagine you all are sitting in a dark room where electric current , its fittings and bulbs are there , only thing you do not know is switch .

Sitting in darkness you can either believe there is current or believe there is no current , but if you search and find this switch , make it on and if light comes , you will know there is current otherwise if light does not come then either there is no current or bulb is fuse , so one thing never believe , try to know .

All your life you are going from wall to wall in the room to find out to the switch or may get shock which is another way to know the current but it happens mostly when it is your last effort to find the switch but then it is too late .

Most of you spend all your life to find this switch which is happiness or say how the current is connected with the medium .

As it is difficult for you to see your back except a circus person with rubber like flexible body likewise it is difficult to know your own self .

The easiest way will be to find a mirror and mirror like religion to see your own self .

In certain parts of earth many holy people , the people with love like Buddha , Christ , Mohamed , Mahavira , Krishna and many thousand others with the passage of time , who could know themselves tried to give a light which anybody could use in darkness to find this switch ( happiness ) and if switch could be found and light comes in life , you will know current is there.

Since the light given by these holy people could bring light in darkness , people started following them .

These holy people and their close associates kept giving light to people for simple love only.

foot note …..

one day In 1983 …..a quest became intense to know who I am ? …. and was totally ignorant about any religious philosophy or guru or guide except my mother who as a mother of ten children and a simple human being asked me to keep trust in God ….. but for a person to get all the answers for the question was looking impossible …..

but one day by chance , by grace , a text appeared ….. the source I do not know but as a good steno wrote what appeared ….. it normally takes 15 minutes to read all four chapters but to understand it took me 25 years …… was never keen to publish but my grand daughter 5 years in year 2009 inspired me to publish and write …..

Atom is signature of God….as energy equation of atom is zero so is of entire cosmos…..cosmos is dance of zero……mathematics of God.

chapter 1 = Minus = Body in time
chapter 2 = Plus = soul beyond time
chapter 3 = Multiplication = dance of time in timelessness
chapter 4 = Division = zero with zero = zero

my request for all of you to read chapters in serial sequence …. I must have shared this book with thousands of people in all walks of life ….with a commitment from them if they like …..they will share it further …..with love and gratitude …..ram0ram

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……… freedom to right copy and share

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