Gardeners of universal love

wisdom notes

‎”One day Mara, 

the Buddhist god of ignorance and evil, 

was traveling through the villages of India with his attendants. 

He saw a man doing walking meditation whose face was lit up in wonder. 

The man had just discovered something on the ground in front of him. 

Mara’s attendants asked what that was ?

and Mara replied, “A piece of Truth.” 

“Doesn’t this bother you when someone finds a piece of the truth, o evil one?”

his attendants asked. 

“No,” Mara replied. “Right after this they usually make a belief out of it.”

so been thinking how it is possible that light of truth becomes dogma of beliefs with time ?….

In certain parts of earth many holy people , the people with love like Buddha , Christ , Mohamed , Mahavira , Krishna and many thousand others with the passage of time , who could know themselves tried to give a light which anybody could use in darkness to find this truth and if truth could be found and happiness comes in life , we will know truth is there.

Since the light given by these holy people could bring light in darkness , people started following them .

These holy people and their close associates kept giving light to people for simple love only.

all these holy people were like gardeners in the garden of universal love and gardener has to work hard on ground ….but after some time the next generation gardeners became watchmen ……created walls around their respective gardens ……..created difficult regulations ….uniformed themselves …….. created massive prayers places and with this the light of truth became dogma of beliefs …..

why not we all became gardeners of universal love ? ….

love all….

(c) ram0ram …… freedom to right copy and share

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