Tao Te Jing = 4 = Limitless = ram0ram wisdom note

The Way is a limitless vessel;
Used by the self, it is not filled by the world;
It cannot be cut, knotted, dimmed or stilled;
Its depths are hidden, ubiquitous and eternal;
I don’t know where it comes from;
It comes before nature.

Above Image and original texts credits

Tao Te Jing = 4 = Limitless = ram0ram wisdom noteIn India almost few thousand years before presented the most complex question and cosmic mysteries through VISUAL INFORMATION SYSTEM HUMAN’S NEW UNDERSTANDING ………..code name …… VISHNU and it means universal consciousness or energy Zero…..representing the energy equation of cosmos as well as atom…..a text from old holy scriptures ….and it’s meaning in English

VISHNU = V I S H N U = Visual information system human’s new understanding

Om vishvam vishnur-vashatkaro bhuta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh
Bhutakrud bhutabhrud bhavo bhutatma bhuta-bhavanah ..1

Vishvam: The all or the Universe.

Vishnur: who pervades every thing.

Vashatkara: For whom the sacrificial versus are uttered in the yagyas.

Bhuta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh: The one who is the master and beyond the past, present and the future.

Bhutakrud: The creator and destroyer of all existences in the universe.

Bhutabhrud: One who supports or sustains or governs the universe.

Bhava: Pure existence.

Bhutatma: The essence of all beings.

Bhuta-bhavanah: who originates and develops all Elements.

so Tao , God , Allah , Om or the name one like to give is beyond every known and unknown dimension ……..always a mystery……which can be dissolved within but can not be resolved with the words…

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……..freedom to right copy and share

2 thoughts on “Tao Te Jing = 4 = Limitless = ram0ram wisdom note

    • dear and divine….thanks…..constant means which was there before creation and destruction of cosmos ……that is only God what In India we call PARMATAMA…love all.


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