why we pray in temples , mosques , churches or a holy place ?

One time travelling with friends by car and it was evening time so we all stopped near a temple as all my friends wanted to join the evening Aarti or pooja or prayers …..that time looking at the rituals performed thought there must be a scientific and spiritual meaning behind all these…..what exactly we do in a pooja?…

1 ….we decorate the lord…..the beauty…..for our eyes…..
2…..we ignite a oil lamp…..the light and beauty….also for eyes…
3 …..we burn incense …..for fragrance……for nose….
4 ….we offer flowers…..for fragrance and sensitivity and beauty….for touch….
5…..we have a bell ringing……for music and ears……
6…..we offer food……creativity and taste……
7 …we sing bhajans…..for oneness right and left brain and memory….
a science is a method by which in very small time we perform much larger work……going to a temple which is a place of creativity and spiritual science……which knowingly…… unknowingly …..creates oneness of senses and as per the latest scientific report …art and music brings happiness in mind….
figures of Psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants
Argentina: 121.2
Denmark: 85
Finland: 79
Switzerland: 76
Norway: 68
Germany: 51.5
Canada: 35
Brazil: 31.8
USA: 31.1
Ecuador: 29.1
in India this number is less than 3 per millions……
Hindu been a great scientific and spiritual society so has been different societies around the world and in all the societies spiritual practices there has been science and sacredness modified to suit the geographical, social, envoinmental and economic conditions. but basic aim has been love and happiness only. With time many spiritual practices…..some where it has become rituals also….but still they serve the purpose which used to be meditation earlier now at least medicine…..but still keep society together.
take time out.. go to a temple….mosque or a church or the worship place of your choice ….feel the spirituality…..see the people….see their emotions….see the faith…..feel the sensitiviness if can not go there come outside in the garden feel the breeze….look at the full moon….. life is a journey of creative enlightenment….and going to sacred places or in nature is taste of that enlightenment.
hope this post make little sense to all the readers ….
love all.

6 thoughts on “why we pray in temples , mosques , churches or a holy place ?

  1. Hi Ram,
    An interesting post. Until now, I never questioned this but now that you’ve raised it, I realize that my favourite place of worship is in the wilderness of the hills from where I come; where the peace and quiet of nature and its beauty gives me a sense of peace like no other. I think I can literally count (if I try hard enough) the number of times I’ve been to a religious institution to pray for as far as I can recall 🙂

    For me: It is not where you pray. It is not what you pray for. It is not even the fact that you pray. It is more about the need for a moment of peace and renewal.



    • dear and divine….. thanks for your time and a very true observation…..

      . To be with nature is to be with yourself, to be yourself is to be oneself, to be with oneself is to be with cosmic self.

      happiness is prayers and thanks to God.

      love all.


    • dear and divine friend…… you are kind and magician of silence in words….yesterday I was reading your posts of march 2010…..a fine journey…

      love all…


  2. Dear Ram,
    It does make sense. Any place is a holy place that makes you stop and use your senses to notice and appreciate the life around and within you. I used to have a secret special place in the alley behind our house at the base of 3 palm trees. As a child I’d crawl in beneath some palmetto bushes and just feel the wonder of being alive. It felt like a sacred space to me. I still get that feeling in certain places, especially when there are trees all around. Blessings, Jeanie


    • dear and divine Jean raffa…… you are a blessed human and it reflects in your words of silence….prayer is to live in silence ….silence is the language of soul so also of heart….make every breath the prayer in silence……that feeling will remain everywhere…

      a fine quote….

      “A master at the art of living makes no distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion – he hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues with excellence what he is about and leaves others to determine, whether he is working or playing. He himself always knows, he is doing both.” — Wilfred A. Peterson

      and you know art of living…..

      love all.


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