Is there life after Death ?

Many people ask…… is there life after death ?
answer is…… Yes ….Yes….. and Yes…..

Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current.
Knowing the current is religion ,
knowing the use of current is science,
Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

All the philosophies after the holy people were made to benefit the common humans and humanity to make life beautiful and to communicate different findings of nature ( Science ) , the medium of philosophies was used looking to that particular time, country , people, geographical conditions and the situations existing in those particular areas.
You can find out from the following examples that most of the rituals in all the existing philosophies were practical solutions of those situations in that particular time.

Imagine civilizations in sand desert before 1000 years in hot climatic conditions ….vast sea of sand all around, no water …..,no trees…………,no rivers,…….. a person dies…….. . For disposal of dead body suggest a way……….

One of the possible scientific way is to dig sand which is easy and put it inside the ground and put a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Islamic culture and some more cultures. Other possible scientific way is to put dead body on a high tower for natural disintegration to happen like Zoroastrian culture.

Now imagine civilizations in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions in mountains and near rivers plains before thousands of years plenty of trees and water rivers so possible scientific way could be to burn dead bodies or throw the bodies in rivers after observing last rites like Indian Hinduism culture and some more cultures with mixed scientific climatic requirements.

Now imagine civilizations in the extreme cold conditions year around and in partial cold and rain conditions before thousands of years with plenty of trees and rivers and without also so one of the possible scientific way could be to have wooden coffins , put the dead body inside observing last rites and put inside the ground and a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Christian culture and some more cultures.

So try to analyse every rituals which were basic needs of that particular time and possible medium of communications to spread new findings of nature (science ) was only through these philosophies which were named as religion or say were made to provide better way of life.

Religion in short is like sea where all the rivers of different philosophies could merge to have same level.
Science is to know nature, religion is to know God .
Science and religion are two ends of one chain only.

When I die……..
Use electric crematorium and burn no tree….
As tree can sustain and support further lives
And even mine if I come back on earth…..
Burn no tree as smoke creates pollution.
When I die……..
O God !…… it should not rain, nor it be very hot or cold…… people should not suffer.
When I die……..
Donate my body and parts,
Eyes to light someone’s life.
When I die……..
Please, Do not cry….
As a journey has finished and
another has commenced.

this article inspired by above poem by Chander Shekhar

5 thoughts on “Is there life after Death ?

  1. Thank you,Dear Ram, 🙂
    I found a Timothy Leary Quote, that you may enjoy, my friend
    I never believed in reincarnation, when I was here before either.

    Peace to you,


  2. A beautiful post with excellent connections between the practices of various religions and the realities of their climates! It’s always a pleasure to read your work.



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