zero = research = zero = 1

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Whether we
are Atheist or Theist, whether woman or man, whether searcher or seeker, whether teacher or student, whether rich or poor, whether child or old,whether working or retiring and whether knowledgeable or ignorant,..

We all have a deep thirst for a kind of happiness which we feel we know but some how we have not been able to hold it permanently except we have short glimpses on certain occasions……

This happiness is equally desired and searched by all categories of human being irrespective what one is and where one is ?

Without proper identification and marking and clues about destination these journeys are taken on various known and unknown paths along periphery and also towards the center which has a mystic origin .

Most of the travellers even after travelling for long years alone or with one to multiple groups normally do not experience that happiness even after several experiments and at last abandon the journey,empty-handed although luggage and baggage are substantial.

What kind of happiness, is it that we aspires for ?
what is that desire ,… that beauty,…..that we aspire for ?
which is that look we seek to be bestowed with ?to be continued…… read more now….part =2

9 thoughts on “zero = research = zero = 1

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  2. Dear Ram… how can we ever capture that happiness and ecstasy in words… yet …. your words are free butterflies that children chase in garden of love… my friend..and you truly are … the voice I hear it well… thank you for bringing so much of Divine on earth… for all of us… you are a blessing to all… love Serena x


    • dear and divine Jean Raffa …. your presence inspire the space…..will cover brain…mind…dreams …happiness so a small note of wisdom can be used for collective understanding….
      you been a guiding force for me on the blog….thank you …
      love all…


      • Ram, I am humbled by your respect for my work and so happy to know it has been an inspiration for yours. It seems you and I are joining the ongoing work of building a bridge of mutual respect and understanding between East and West.

        I enjoy our collaboration.



  3. How often we search and search without really knowing what we seek. Your questions must be asked. A ship that sails without a destination, never arrives. Thank you for your wisdom.


    • dear and divine Pat Cegan … are kind and wise with your comments….
      before one starts a journey ….the destination is needed for visible dimension of time…that is body…and invisible dimension of timelessness that is soul…. for body the goal is objective ….but for soul the goal is subjective…and if one writes down the goal for both and try to evolve a science or a map which will fulfill both inquiries so life becomes journey and destination together for a totality in life …
      will try to do this in this series of article…. a simple and scientific notes which can be shared as a light house for all the ships…need your blessing to complete this…
      love all..


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